Vietnam is an incredible place- full of history, a strong sense of national pride, and more than enough to keep one busy for weeks on end. Be it the crazy congestion of Hanoi or the stunning beauty of Halong Bay; the sand and the surf in Nha Trang or the tailors and the food in Hoi An; the cool mountain air of Dalat or the sweltering heat of the Mekong Delta- Vietnam is PACKED with sights, sounds, and sensations that make it a MUST SEE along the Southeast Asian Backpacker’s Circuit.

The Vietnamese are well aware of this, and have the country’s tourism industry set up to cater to the budget traveler. There are countless ‘hop-on/hop-off’-style buses that run between the major stops along the tourist trail- some having fully-reclining beds for overnight trips. The country is packed with guesthouses and budget hotels, so accommodation is never hard to find. The food is great, the prices are cheap, and the people are exceedingly friendly. Vietnam- one of BackpackU’s favorite countries in SE Asia.