Africa is an amazing, incredible place- one of those unique destinations that somehow continually exceeds expectations. Sure, we’ve all seen countless National Geographic documentaries focused on the African wilderness, but seeing it in PERSON- the grandness of the landscape, all of those iconic animals RIGHT THERE, the daily drama of the fight for survival playing out right before your eyes- that is a whole different story. If you are any kind of nature lover whatsoever, this is the place for you.

Add to this natural wonderland all of Africa’s amazing people, incredible sights, and innumerable adventures, and Africa has one of the greatest travel destinations on earth. Pulsing cities, quiet villages, raging rivers, towering waterfalls, dense jungles, massive deserts- with anything and EVERYTHING in between. Africa has everything you can imagine- and much, MUCH more...

Traveling in Africa

All that said, continual political flux, changes in visa costs and availability, and a general lack of organization make traveling the continent on your own an adventure in itself. Border crossings can be unpredictable, with customs officers seemingly changing visa prices at will... Safe, established accommodation can be tricky to find... Permits for game parks and wildlife reserves can be expensive to buy and difficult to sort through. It can be a challenge.

In response to this, several travel companies offer extended-length overland expeditions, with trips ranging from less than a week to over three months. These expedition-style trips take a lot of the leg-work out of planning a trip, and most hit all of the must-see highlights in each country they pass through. In addition, they offer countless optional excursions and activities to passengers, allowing one to custom-build their African Adventure along the way. While this style of travel can be a bit limiting as far as where you go and how long you stay, it eliminates almost all of the uncertainty a self-guided trip through Africa would entail, allowing you to sit back, relax, and savor every minute you have on this amazing continent.