Dalat is located in the central highlands of Vietnam, and is a great place to go for a break from the heat and humidity. Due to it’s altitude (1,500m/4,900 feet above sea level), Dalat is temperate year round, and has a vastly different climate than that of the rest of tropical Vietnam. Dalat is known for is cafes and coffee houses, its sprawling night market, the scene around Xuan Huong Lake, and its cool nights. Atter sweating it out in other parts of Vietnam, Dalat provides a welcome respite from the heat and humidity.

Getting There

Dalat is serviced by most of the hop-on/hop-off tourist buses that run throughout Vietnam.

Things to do in Dalat

  • Explore the Night Market- a sprawling market, this nightly event is something to behold. You can find anything and everything here. Browse for cheap souvenirs, or just take in the scene.
  • Chill out in a cafe- Drink some local coffee or tea at a cafe, and get a real taste of Dalat.
  • Hang out by the lake- there are several restaurants and bars around the lake area- find one that looks good and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.
  • Go for a ride- there is a strong motorbike presence in Dalat- a group of ‘Tour Guides’ that call themselves the Easy Riders. They’re well know for day trips around the area, and can even be hired to drive you all over Vietnam- if that’s how you want to travel. If you’re keen, have a chat with a few of them to see what they have to say.