Journey Category: Asia

Moving Day: Getting to Hong Kong

So, after my incredible 3 week adventure through the North Island of New Zealand, I met Federico in the Auckland airport, ready to set off on another adventure- this one in Southeast Asia. We had been planning the trip for several months while living in Queenstown- poring through travel guides, looking up different destinations and…
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A visit to the Great Wall of China

Being in Beijing, a trip to the Great Wall of China was a definite MUST. We had done a bit of research on the different options and were stuck in a debate about whether or not to go for a day-long hike along a part of the wall that was still left in ruins, or…
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Welcome to Nepal!(?)

My arrival into Kathmandu was an eye-opening experience, to say the very least. I really had no idea what to expect of the country of Nepal to begin with- just what I had read in a couple of guidebooks and gleaned from a few other travelers. I knew enough to be aware that Tourist Visas…
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