Botswana is probably most well-known for being the home of the Okavango Delta and the famous Chobe National Park. A river system that empties out into a basin in the middle of an inland desert, the Okavango Delta is a unique ecosystem unlike anything else in the world. Swaths of lush green waterways contrast against the dry desert beyond, herds of elephant and antelope on constant watch for resident prides of lions, hippos and crocodiles cruise through the streams and rivers- this IS iconic Africa- an oasis of life in the otherwise unforgiving desert.

Chobe National Park is much the same- a park situated on the shores of the Chobe River, this park is world-renowned for its massive elephant population (An estimated 50,000 elephants live in the park). In addition to the elephants, the park is home to one of the largest concentrations of game in all of Africa-  hippos, lions, cape buffalo, giraffe, even the very rare African wild dog- the wildlife in Chobe is second to none. Similar to the Okavango Delta- the IS the African Wilderness.

Getting There

Many overland expedition pass through Botswana due to the popularity of the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park- they are MUST SEE’s in southern Africa. You can find international flights into the capital city of Gaborone, and some into Maun as well.

Things to do in Botswana

  • Camp out in the Delta- this is the primary attraction that brings people to Botswana to begin with. There are countless companies in Maun that will organize your trip out into the delta. Shop around, find one that suits your budget, and get ready for a unique experience exclusive to Botswana.
  • Go for a scenic flight over the Delta- a great option for getting an idea of just how large the Delta really is, you’ll also get a unique view of all the islands and waterways that make up the Delta.
  • Visit Chobe National Park- again, probably one of the reasons you are in Botswana to begin with, Chobe is one of the best game reserves in all of Africa. Find a safari company that fits your budget, and see Botswana at its very best.

Insider Tips

  • Make sure to go on a River Cruise along the Chobe River when visiting the park- you’ll get up-close views of hippos, crocodiles, and all the other animals coming down to the river to drink. Pack a few sundowners to take along...
  • Pack a lightly as possible for your trip out into the Okavango Delta- you can only fit so much into the makoros (local dugout canoes) for trip out into the Delta.
  • Remember that the Detla is HUGE, and that seeing wildlife is always a right-place-at-the-right-time endeavor. If you don’t see much, don’t worry- the beauty and remoteness of the Delta more than make up for it.
  • Try to cushion your bum for the ride out into the Delta- you’ll be sitting in that makoro for a few hours, and without some kind of padding, you’re bound to get a bit uncomfortable...
  • Don’t keep any food in your tent when camping in the Delta- if you do, you’re sure to get some late night visitors sniffing around when you’re trying to sleep. Have fun with THAT...