Day 4 DownUnder

Day 4 DownUnder


WOW- things just keep getting BETTER! Day 4 was INCREDIBLE! To start out, we got kitted out with all of our Best Jobs gear- along with some amazing surprises from Dell, Nikon, and Nokia.


My Best Jobs Gear is finally HERE!


Then it was off to the Sydney Airport for a photo shoot and media call at the Virgin Australia Lounge. Virgin Australia is THE way to fly when heading DownUnder- awesome amenities, cutting-edge hospitality, and world-class service- that's how they roll... They even surprised us with the SEVENTH 'Best Job in the WORLD' position- the role of Virgin Australia's 'HIGH FLYER'- a job that will consist of traveling around the land DownUnder on Virgin Australia, highlighting the various tourism opportunities at these locations, and doing it with all the flair, class, and first-rate hospitatlity that Virgin Australia in known for. A-MA-ZING! We were all SHOCKED! Such an awesome opportunity, for sure!


Virgin Australia- THE way to fly when heading DownUnder



The media was MANIC- cameras, microphones, and flash-bulbs EVERYWHERE! Good fun!


Heading up tot eh UBER-posh Virgin Australia Lounge



Who has two thumbs and is excited to be in Australia? THIS GUY!

Team Wildlife Caretaker- Me, CC, Nicole (our 'wrangler'- HA!), and Greg



This is a testament to how hard we've been going in Sydney the past few days- EVEN CC is getting tired... 🙂


After the Virgin Australia media call, it was down to Circular Quay for yet another photo shoot and more interviews... On such a GORGEOUS day in Sydney, BRING.IT.ON!

For those of you that have never been there, Circular Quay and Sydney Harbour are magical places- no matter how many photos you've seen, no matter how you've envisioned it in your mind, no matter how many times you've sat and listened to ME drone on and ON about how incredible it all is- somehow, it STILL takes your breath away, every time, guaranteed. Even for me, having been down to Circular Quay on numerous occasions, it still has that overwhelming effect. The grandeur of the Opera House, the mighty soaring of the Harbour Bridge, the city skyline glinting in the sunlight, the iconic ferries plying the waters of the harbour. It is a special place- unlike anywhere else in the world- and on a sunny day, I reckon it's impossible to beat.

For me, it was great to see the wonder and amazement in the eyes of some of the other Finalists for whom it was their first time on Circular Quay. I asked a few of them for their impressions, and got responses like 'speechless', 'overwhelmed', 'amazed'- again, it is a special place...

Once we caught our breath, it was back to the business at hand, pictures, interviews, and crazy antics down on Sydney Harbour.


The Sydney Opera House



The Opera Bar on Circular Quay


Team Outback Adventurer front-and-center on Sydney Harbour

The sails of the Opera House

Team Outback Adventurer with Tourism Australia Chief Andrew McEvoy


A lunch with a BILLION-dollar view- at The Opera Bar

The view from the Tourism Australia offices

After all the activities, it was back to the hostel for an EPIC dinner at Gowings Bar & Grill... I'll tell you one thing- we're not lacking for food on this trip, that's for SURE!


Gowings Bar & Grill- QT-Sydney



After-dinner shenanigans with the BestJobs CREW

That was a wrap for Day 4- a MASSIVE Day 5 on tap... STAY TUNED!!!

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