Ok people, it's time to rally the support and send The Backpack Professor DOWN-UNDER!!!

Here's the scoop:


A Call to Action- we need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Nick Tilley, The Backpack Professor, has been selected out of 600,000 applicants as one of 25 finalists for the 'Wildlife Caretaker' position in Tourism Australia’s 'Best Jobs in the World' competition. For the next phase of the competition, he has planned a HUGE event this Thursday here in Chesterfield, along with a MASSIVE on-line campaign to raise support for both his cause, as well as for the Australian Koala Foundation. Here is a link to the Facebook page:

Here's all the information you need for the event, and more importantly, how to cast your vote for Nick Tilley as the best man for The Best Job in the World:
EVENT:  'Send the Thunder Down-Under'
               Thurs, May 2, 2013
               International Tap House- Chesterfield (161 Long Rd.)
There will be drink specials, games, raffle prizes, good music, great beer, and one lucky winner could win a round-trip ticket to Australia. Food will include the Australian staple of “shrimp on the barbie”, with donations benefiting the AKF, as well as other delicious food supplied by PM BBQ. There is no fee to attend the event.          

For those of you who can, come out to iTap on Thursday. It is going to be a lot of fun.

More importantly, here is how YOU can cast your vote for Nick: make a donation to the Australian Koala Foundation, and type 'NICK TILLEY' in the 'Further Instructions' field at the bottom of the form. $1, $5, $10- it doesn't matter- just VOTE. Here's the link:
Vote for Nick, save a koala. Too easy, mate!
ALL donations ARE tax deductible, and need to be made by 8pm Sunday, May 5th.

Also, please do us a huge favor- SHARE this- on Facebook, on 'The Twitter', through your email networks- send this on to friends, family, coworkers, etc., and ask them to do the same, and then forward it on to their friends. Let's take this thing VIRAL- it will make an enormous difference in Nick's campaign to be selected for this amazing opportunity.
Finally, Nick is looking for high-profile support for his campaign, both in the 'Wildlife' realm, as well as in main-stream media and entertainment. If you have ANY connections that could possibly help get Nick support from anyone that fits this criteria, please, please, PLEASE get them in touch with Nick- Twitter: @n_tilley; Facebook: 'Nick Tilley' and/or 'Nick Tilley for Wildlife Caretaker'.


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