Journey Category: Colombia

Heading South- Medellin and Bogota

After I left Cartagena, I decided it was time for some cooler weather, and hopped a plane to Medellin- aka The Drug and Murder Capital of the World, circa 1990. Lucky for me, times have changed in Medellin, and today it is more well known for its proud resident paisas, its magnificent parks, its raucous…
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Beating the Heat in Cartagena

SO- I’ve been battling ‘Technical Difficulties’ with my computer for the past week and a half, and that is what has kept me from posting anything about my adventures in Colombia… Today, the computer has decided to cooperate, and thus, I’m trying to take advantage of the window of opportunity to get as caught up…
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And the Adventure begins

Well, it’s official- I’ve made it to South America! Woop-woop! I’m currently sitting here in the lobby of my hostel in Cartagena, Colombia, desperately trying to do two simple things- keep cool, and stay awake. Turns out it’s not so simple, on either count… I’m trying to keep cool because it is HOT down here-…
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