BackpackU – 101

Welcome to Backpacking 101- an introduction to the amazing, adventure-filled world of ‘The Backpacker’. ‘What IS ‘Backpacking’?’; ‘What does that life look like?’; ‘Is it for me?’- all important questions to consider for the ‘Backpacking Beginner’. This section of BackpackU is geared towards the dreamers out there- those potential adventurers, those aspiring explorers- those with even an inkling of a desire to break free of the ‘norm’, to bust out of the mold, to go beyond the expected and realize the dream of something greater- a life-changing adventure into the unknown. If you’ve ever found yourself repeatedly wandering into the Travel section at your local bookstore, mindlessly perusing guidebooks about the far-flung corner of the world; if you’ve ever caught yourself daydreaming in class or wasting time in your cubicle, wondering about what it would mean to leave it all behind; if you’ve ever had the slightest desire for something different, something unique, something incredible, exciting, indescribable even- Backpacking may be for you. NOW is your opportunity- NOW is the time to find out- and ‘Backpacking 101’ is the perfect place to begin. A word of warning before we get started- get ready, and hold on tight. As we’ve learned through our own experience- it can be ONE CRAZY RIDE... On that note- let’s go!

So you want to travel the world...?

What IS 'Backpacking'?

Is 'Backpacking' for me?

Why should I go?