BackpackU – 301

Backpack 301 is all about the details- the finer points of Backpacking. Picking out a good backpack, communicating with home while on the road, what to do about Travel Insurance, finding cheap flights and good accommodation- anything and everything that will help both the first-timer as well as those veterans of the ‘Backpacker’s Trail’ enhance their Backpacking Experience... There is a TON of information here, all pertinent to the global explorer and adventurer. Keep that notebook open and that pen handy, as you’re sure to pick up a handful of helpful tips as you flip through the following pages. If you’re a beginner, and just completed Backpack 101 and 201, get PUMPED- Backpack 301 is the final step, and Graduation- your FIRST TRIP- is right around the corner...

Buying a Backpack


Traveling with Electronics

Travel Insurance

Communication on the Road


Money Abroad

Finding Cheap Flights

Finding Accommodation

Money-Saving Tips

The Backpacker’s Code

Working/Volunteering Abroad