BackpackU – 201

So, now that you have a better idea what ‘Backpacking’ really is, chances are you may be pretty excited about the prospect of planning a trip of your own, but are at a complete loss for where to begin (Just like we were...). Have no fear- ‘Backpack 201’ is here! Backpack 201 is THE ‘Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking.’ Everything from ‘How to get started’, ‘How to plan your trip’, and ‘What to pack’, to ‘Planning your arrival’ and the ‘Top 10 things to leave behind’- Backpack 201 has ALL the essentials necessary for getting the planning stages of any trip up and going. Get that pen and paper ready- you’ll definitely want to keep notes as the idea of actually planning your trip starts to come into sharper focus...


Planning Your Trip

What to Pack

Planning Your Arrival

10 Essential Things