Lima is a city full of opportunity. An oasis along the desert shores of Perú, Lima is a modern city with a certain colonial flair. World-class restaurants and trendy shopping malls line the bluffs above the beaches, while wide avenues and manicured plazas accent the city center. Whether you’re a museum junkie or just want to lie in the sand in the sun, Lima has something to offer everyone.

Getting There

Lima is easily reached internationally via the Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM). Being a major hub in the South American transportation network, there are numerous flights into and out of Lima daily. Alternatively, travelers can get to Lima via bus from pretty much anywhere in the country. Regardless of what company’s office you visit, there seems to always be a bus bound for Lima departing shortly.

The Lima beach scene...

Things to do in Lima

  • Explore Miraflores- The beachfront Miraflores neighborhood is Lima’s center for high-rise hotels and fancy restaurants, along with some of the best hostels and cheap eats in all of Lima. Well-manicured parks line the bluffs, and the the open-air LarcoMar has top-tier shopping to go along with world-class views.

Lighthouse in a park along the bluffs...

  • Hang out in Barranco- Barranco has a bit of an edge to it- some would call it more ‘Bohemian’. Whatever the case, this cliff-top neighborhood has tons to offer- happening cafes, great restaurants, trendy bars, and some of the best views along the bluffs of Lima.
  • Wander around the Historic Center- Central Lima is PACKED with colonial buildings and churches, with cafes, restaurants, shops, and museums sprinkled in. The Plaza de Armas is the centerpiece, featuring the Cathedral, the Government Palace, and the Archbishop’s Palace, with the central fountain dating back to 1650.

The Government Palace

  • Eat your hear out- Peruvian food is world-renowned, and Lima is at the culinary heart of the local cuisine scene. Ceviche is the dish of choice, with restaurants and cafes serving up day-fresh selections in every neighborhood. Splurge on a fancy meal, or find a cafe that fits your budget- either way, don’t miss out on the food in Lima.
  • Shop til you drop- Being one of the most developed cities in South America, Lima provides limitless opportunities to spend your soles. Whether you’re looking for fancy brand-named shops in LarcoMar, or wandering through craft markets in Barranco, you’re sure to find at least one more thing to have to cram into our backpack...

The LarcoMar shopping center in Lima

  • Hit the beach- During the summer months (Dec-March), Lima is famous for its sun, sand, and surf. Pack a picnic, slap on some suncream, hire a surfboard, and get amongst it...

Insider Tips

  • Ride the Tourist Bus- The double-decker tourist bus is a great way to see Lima and get familiar with the city’s layout. It’s hop-on/hop-off, and includes an interesting trip through the Monastery of San Francisco and its labyrinthian catacombs.
  • The coastal walk from Miraflores to Barrancos is an easy walk, and winds through various parks along the bluffs of Lima. A good way to spend an afternoon exploring a couple of Lima’s best neighborhoods.

An art market on the street in Lima

  • Hang out in Love Park- a park along the coast in Miraflores, Love Park is a great place to relax with a book, take a siesta, or have an ice cream while taking in the scene. The whole park is made up of tiled mosaics, with local artists contributing to the design and layout of the park.
  • Take the Bike Tour- there’s a great bike tour on offer in Lima- a great way to get up-close-and-personal with some of the sights of Lima.

The Lima coast at night...